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Spring 2024 Rates

$175 /hr Marine Technician

Hourly Marine Technician rate for onboard electrical/electronic installations. Also applicable to shop fabrication time.


$150 /hr Travel Time to/from the boat

Hourly rate for technician Travel Time to/from marina, job-specific parts pickup, etc.


$175 /hr Onboard Consultation

Hourly rate for survey, and general Onboard Consultation requests. Generating follow-up reports is charged at this rate as well. See also Electrical Orientation Package below.


$175 /hr Remote Consultation & Design

Hourly rate for marine electrical/electronics Remote Consultation & Design services.


Service Call / Troubleshooting

$350 Flat Rate - MDS Service Call Package

Service Call Package includes up to 1 hour of marine technician troubleshooting/repair service,/setup/teardown time.


$175 /hr MDS Service Call - Beyond 1 hour

Hourly rate for service calls exceeding 1 hour.

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