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Marine Diagnostic Services Blog - Welcome!


There will be solutions. Read this today on an answer to a post from a colleague.

The fact is - there is always a solution.

We just need to figure out how to get there. After 25 plus years of diagnosing concerns, I have learned the process is the same. It doesn't matter if you are a doctor, a mechanic, an astronaut or engineer. At the core of problem solving and determining a path to success, there is almost always a common series of steps...

How would you like to have the superpower to fix anything.

In this blog I am going to start out by outlining the things you need to do to solve any problem. Whether in your life, on your boat, on your car....any problem.


First step. You need to be ready. To move forward, you need a strong will. Many comment at the inability to give up. Perseverance. A drive that pushes past where most people quit. If you want to solve issues that others cannot, then quite simply you need to be willing to stay late, get up early, be tired yet take care of yourself, and be quite simply the best version of yourself. All this so that you can apply every bit of what you have in you into a finite point. You need to go when others stop. You need to be different. How am I going to get you ready? Well, you will need to stay with me a little, and these first posts will hopefully give a little insight into what it is like to mold your mind into a world of diagnostics.

Hang on...

Solutions. We need to get to the problem first. See you soon.....

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